Role of MYICT in promoting local websites as business and how IP law is applied on online content

Emmanuel made this Ubwisanzure bwo kumenya amakuru request to Minisiteri y'Ikoranabuhanga

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Igisubizo kuri iki kibazo cyararengeranye. Mu mategeko, uko byaba bimeze kose, Minisiteri y'Ikoranabuhanga yagombaga kuba yaramaze gusubiza (ibisobanuro). Ushobora gutanga ikirego kuri gusaba isuzuma.

Dear Ministry of Youth and ICT,

I would like to ask for the following information under Law no 04/2013 of 08/02/2013 relating to access to information.

What do you plan for boosting local websites, and motivate their founders to turn them into sustainable business. Do you have any local web directory?
Do intellectual property law applies on websites and their content?

Yours faithfully,