Gusaba kwemeza dosiye Ku irembo umuntu atabanje kuza Ku Biro(code yishyuriweho no 991209765098)yishyuwe kuwa 09/12/2020

NARAMABUYE Pierre made this Ubwisanzure bwo kumenya amakuru request to Umurenge wa Gatunda

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Ikibazo cyanzwe na Umurenge wa Gatunda.

Buyobozi bwa Umurenge wa Gatunda,

Nifuzaga gusaba amakuru nkuko byemewe tugendeye kw'itegeko numero 04/2013 ryatowe ku ya 8 Gashyantare 2013 rijyanye no guhabwa amakuru.

Mbaye mbashimiye,


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    Ubwisanzure bwo kumenya amakuru ikibazo Gusaba kwemeza dosiye Ku irembo umuntu atabanje kuza Ku Biro code yishyuriweho no 991209765098 yishyuwe kuwa 09 12 2020.txt

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