Government social spending records from 1982-2012

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Igisubizo kuri iki kibazo cyararengeranye. Mu mategeko, uko byaba bimeze kose, Minisiteri y'Imari n'Igenamigambi yagombaga kuba yaramaze gusubiza (ibisobanuro). Ushobora gutanga ikirego kuri gusaba isuzuma.

Dear Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning,
Am Richard and Rwandan, currently pursuing a Masters' program at the University of Mauritius in Social Protection and Financing and now working on my thesis entitled "Impact of social spending on Economic Growth" case of Rwanda, it's upon that background am requesting for data on government social spending from 1982-2012 to facilitate me through analysis and interpretation and come up with genuine conclusion on the relationship. Thanks for your positive consideration

I would like to ask for the following information under Law no 04/2013 of 08/02/2013 relating to access to information.

Yours faithfully,

Minisiteri y'Imari n'Igenamigambi

2 ibiri kumwe

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