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Information on Umurenge Sacco functioning
Ikibazo cyabajijwe Minisiteri y'Ubutegetsi bw'Igihugu na Sosthene Musonera. Cyasobanuwe na Stephen Abbott Pugh kuwa .
Ntabwo dufite ayo makuru
Dear Sosthene, Please let me know via an annotated note below if you would like me to redirect this request to MINALOC to see if they do indeed hold...
Knowledge on Plot Number 1571 and Number 659
Igisubizo cyatanzwe na Umurenge wa Rusororo kuri MUGISHA Jules kuwa .
Ntabwo dufite ayo makuru
Hello Dear MUGISHA, According your above e mail' I regret to inform you that I am no longer a leader in Gasabo District since 2014. But for more inf...
Divorce statistics for 2019, 2018 and 2017
Igisubizo cyatanzwe na Minisiteri y'Ubutabera kuri Joe kuwa .
Ntabwo dufite ayo makuru
Hello Sir.  You may be right; sorry for the eventual delay. However, I am also sorry to inform you that the requested information can only be availab...
Gold import statistics from neighboring countries
Ikibazo cyabajijwe National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda na Ivan Mugisha. Cyasobanuwe na Ivan Mugisha kuwa .
Cyararengeranye cyane.
Hey Steve, thanks a lot for your interest. Yes, please go ahead and request for the information from NISR. It is quite interesting that the Mining Boa...
Information request on minor rape cases in the courts of Rwanda.
Igisubizo cyatanzwe na Minisiteri y'Ubutabera kuri Ishimwe Rugira Gisele kuwa .
Ntabwo dufite ayo makuru
Hello. The information you are requesting is detained by courts. It would require the Minijust, to first write to the Supreme Court requesting that i...
Cadet pilot program estimated starting period.
Igisubizo cyatanzwe na RwandAir kuri Anonymous kuwa .
Dear sender, Thank you for your email. Please address all commmunications matters to [email address]. For something that needs a quick attention, ki...
adminitrative map of Gitega sector
Igisubizo cyatanzwe na Minisiteri y'Ubutegetsi bw'Igihugu kuri HARERIMANA Jean Bosco kuwa .
Ntabwo dufite ayo makuru
Thank you for the request.  Kindly contact the institution in charge of land use and mapping or NISR.  Thanks. Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone...
Dear Stephen, Thank you for showing interest in one of our reports. However, in respect of professional secrecy as spelled out in clause 27 of the Int...
Annual Report on one cow per poor family program
Igisubizo cyatanzwe na Minisiteri y'Ubuhinzi n'Ubworozi kuri Manzi Tanzi Arthur kuwa .
Ntabwo dufite ayo makuru
Hello,  The one who wants the report can pass by Rwanda Agriculture Board and Contact the Coordinator of One Cow per Poor Family-Mr. NYABINWA Pascal...
IT use in the health system
Ikibazo cyabajijwe Minisiteri y'Ubuzima na Diana. Cyasobanuwe na ODESUDI kuwa .
Ntabwo dufite ayo makuru
Dear Nathan, We want to extend our sincere gratitude for the great job you have done in promoting access to information. We strongly appreciate y...
Policy about Private Sector salary
Igisubizo cyatanzwe na Minisiteri y'Abakozi ba leta n'Umurimo kuri MULINDABIGWI Bernard kuwa .
Ntabwo dufite ayo makuru
We have only Pay Policy for the Public Sector. Private Sector not yet.   MPAMO Thierry   Public Relations and Communications Officer  Ministry of...
Early release statistics for convicted genocidaires across Rwanda
Igisubizo cyatanzwe na Minisiteri y'Umutekano kuri Edie McQuerrie kuwa .
Ntabwo dufite ayo makuru
Dear,  Ibyo birasaba ubushakashatsi,  ariko inama n'uko mwajya mu kigo cy'igihugu gishinzwe imfungwa n'abagororwa (Rwanda Correctional Service ) gi...