Umurenge wa Kanombe

Ibiro by'umurenge mu karere ka Kicukiro

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information about National ID release
Igisubizo cyatanzwe na Umurenge wa Kanombe kuri meek kuwa .
Gitegereje gushyingurwa.
This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. Thi...
Renewal of Renovation Permit.
Ikibazo cyohererejwe Umurenge wa Kanombe na mickey squared kuwa .
Cyararengeranye cyane.
I would like to ask for information if I can request for renewal of my renovation permit that i requested in September 2019 and be approved in Octob...
Re:Project proposal
Igisubizo cyatanzwe na Umurenge wa Kanombe kuri Mugisha Charles kuwa .
Cyararengeranye cyane.
Hello!  Thank you so much for this message but I'd like to inform you that I'm not again in Kanombe sector, I have shift from their.  The one who rep...

Ibibazo byatanzwe hakoreshejwe Sobanukirwa nibyo bigaragara gusa. ?