Uko nabona Attestation d'identité complete

MUSAFILI Straton made this Access to information request to Gitega sector

The request was successful.

From: MUSAFILI Straton

Buyobozi bwa Umurenge wa Gitega,

Nifuzaga kubasaba amakuru y'uko nabona attestation d'identité
complete n'ibisabwa byose

Mbaye mbashimiye,


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From: MUSAFILI Straton <[ATI #249 email]>
To: ATI requests at Gitega sector <[Gitega sector request email]>
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Buyobozi bwa Umurenge wa Gitega,

Nifuzaga kubasaba amakuru y'uko nabona attestation d'identit=C3=A9
complete n'ibisabwa byose

Mbaye mbashimiye,



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Stephen Abbott Pugh left an annotation ()

Hi Musafili Straton,

Apologies that the email address for this information officer is not correct. We'll try to find an up-to-date email address in order to send your request to the right place.

Stephen Abbott Pugh
Team Sobanukirwa

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Sent request to Gitega sector again, using a new contact address.

Gitega sector

umuntu ufite ibayngombwa azana photocopie y' irangamuntu na photos
passport ukishyura ku irembo amafaranga magana 500 bahita babiguha.

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