Simbasha gusab service ku rubuga irembo

Tuyishimire Gratien made this Access to information request to National ID Agency

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From: Tuyishimire Gratien

Buyobozi bwa National ID Agency,
Nitwa Tuyishimire Gratien

Nifuzaga ubufasha kuko ntabasha gushaka services ku rubuga
irembo.Muri make nataye indangamuntu nshaka indi ndayihabwa ifite
number 1198180008210415 ariko iyambere niyo nari narakoresheje
niyandikisha ku rubuga irembo.Ubu rero iyo ninjiye ku rubuga nshaka
gusaba service ntibikunda bampa message iteye itya:Image not
available.Please update NIDA details.
nagerageje no kwiyandikisha bushya nkoresheje indangamuntu nshya
nabwo biranga.
Ubwo rero ndabaza uko nakora update NIDA details

Mbaye mbashimiye,
Tuyishimire Gratien

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