Budget Framework Information

Leonce made this Access to Information request to Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources

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Dear Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources,

My name is Leonce MUVUNYI, a journalist from The East African/Rwanda Today Newspapers. I would like to ask for the following information under Law no 04/2013 of 08/02/2013 relating to access to information.

As the Budget Framework Paper (BFP) indicates, the government spending towards the agriculture sector has been slashed down with Rwf60 billion, from Rwf152 billion that has been allocated for the sector in the last year to the Rwf92 billion in this year.

Here we are requesting to know:

1. Recap on the fiscal year that is coming to an end: How the last fiscal year has been as there was a gap in the development budget of over Rwf120 billion?

2. Within the BFP, the agriculture sector has been allocated with Rwf92 billion, does this amount of money reflect on the budget you requested that should cover all the planned activities in the agriculture sector in the coming fiscal year?

3. With the government proposed allocation towards the agriculture sector, what are the top priority projects that the agriculture sector has outlined in the coming fiscal year that these resources could spend on and challenges?

4. Some projects in the agriculture sector have been managed at the ministry level, those include National Strategic Grain Reserve, Agriculture insurance scheme among others, what is the way forward on these projects as by the current shocks, COVID-19 and torrential rains, have given us enlightenment on the need of strengthening them?

5. One of the critical and priority sectors of last fiscal year was to supporting farmers to be resilient to climate change effects by adopting the use of modern tools and the Climate Smart Agriculture Technique; however, the sector was underfunded with around Rwf112 billion funding gap. From your assessment how this has affected the farmers and What are you planning in the coming fiscal year?

6. As per BFP, for increasing agricultural productivity, there will be an increase of use of improved agriculture inputs i.e. inorganic fertilizers and improved seeds as well as the construction of agricultural infrastructure, what are your plans on this fields?

7. Kindly share with us the Ministry of Agriculture Budget Framework paper.

Best regards,