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Changing identity
Follow up sent to Ministry of Justice by Jean Claude Ganza on .
Dear Odette Yankulije I have got an attachment thanks alot!! Yours sincerely, Jean Claude Ganza
please follow up on [email address]
Change of Names
Response by Ministry of Local Government to uwimana peace on .
Partially successful.
‎Please be advised to send your request again to the Minister of Local Government. Thus; you can be assured of response. Thanks Sent from my BlackBerr...
Administration Services
Response by Ministry of East African Community to bakundukize thomas on .
Partially successful.
Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups: [1]ATI requests at MINEAC ([MINEAC request email]) The e-mail address you entered couldn't be fou...
Response by Ministry of Justice to M.bugingo J.M.V on .
Dear BUGINGO Itegeko riteganya ko izungura ry’abashyingiranywe ritangira ari uko bombi bapfuye cyangwa umwe yongeye gushyingirwa. Byongeye kuzungura b...
Work permit EA Citizens Partially successful.
Dear Mikhaila, Reference to your request to apply for permit of your nanny, we would like to inform you that she is not eligible to get the residence...
Mwiriwe, Ubu dufite itegeko rishya rigenga izungura ni ryo rikurikizwa. Ngiryo ndarikoherereje YANKULIJE Odette Head of Access to Justice Services D...
Dear Gentille If the discrepancy that you are talking about will needs to change your names (from the names that you were given from your childhood to...
Gutanga umunani
Response by Ministry of Justice to Felicien on .
Dear Sir Ngiryo itegeko rigenga impano n'izungura mu Rwanda. Icyakora ririho riravugurwa mu gihe gito hazaba hasohotse irishyashya.Gutanga umunani nta...
Kigali City Master Plan
Response by City of Kigali to Uwimana Dieudonne on .
Partially successful.
Hello Uwimana Dieudonne Twabonye message yawe. Muri iyi minsi ndi mu kiruhuko cy'amashuli ariko mugenzi wange Masenga Jaques aragufasha. Telephone y...
Yes, there is a penalty imposed not only to EAC Citizen but to any non-national working or residing in Rwanda without a permit. Not only those without...
Dear Isaac, Via Twitter, the Ministry of Education has replied to your information request:
Vitamin distribution to kids
Response by Ministry of Health to Patrick on .
Dear Patrick,  This was only done during the maternal & child health week,(MCH week)  at sites selected within the community and at health centers it...
Following a Twitter conversation with the very helpful information officer for the Ministry of Youth and ICT, I'm pleased to say that the draft Nationa...
Umurenge wa BYIMANA ufite imidugudu 63,n'utugali 7.Murakoze NAHAYO JEAN MARIE ES BYIMANA SECTOR RUHANGO DISTRICT SOUTH PROVINCE E-mail [Byimana sect...
Dear Xue, I hope this email finds you quite well. Here are the most cited laws established to ensure the respect of the right to privacy and data...
Report on NGO registration and their enabling environment
Response by Rwanda Governance Board to ODESUDI on .
Partially successful.
Dear Sir, Mboherereje amakuru mwadusabye ku bijyanjye na NGOs Registration. Akazi keza. 4612640 -114300 3810 -57150 Rwanda Governance Board Ikigoc...
Here is the link to the spreadsheet of information officers on the Ombudsman's website:
Dear Fred, Following an email conversation with the information officer from the National Public Prosecution Authority, Team Sobanukirwa have now rec...
Amasezerano Mpuzamahanga
Request to Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation by Mutangana Steven. Annotated by ODESUDI on .
Partially successful.
Dear Edison, Mwakoze kucyemura ikibazo cya Steven cyo kubona amakuru, tubaye tubashyimiye mugire akazi keza. Team sobanukirwa
Health care location details for facilities in Rwanda
Response by Ministry of Health to Mark Herringer on .
Partially successful.
Dear Mark, Could you check on MOH website [1] the HMIS menu, we have documents that can help you. For minimum packages for facilities:...