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Credit where credit's due

Who made Sobanukirwa? #
Sobanukirwa was created by Migisha K Claude and Stephen Abbott Pugh in partnership with the Open Democracy and Sustainable Development Initiative (ODESUDI) in Rwanda and with technical support from the MySociety team in the UK using their open-source Alaveteli platform.
Can I help out? #
  • You can help people find successful requests, and monitor performance of authorities, by playing the categorisation game.
  • Find out ATI email addresses of authorities that we're missing.
  • Write a blog post about either Sobanukirwa or an interesting request that you've found. Post about it on a forum that you frequent. Tell friends about it.
  • If you're a programmer, get the source code for our parent project, Alaveteli and tell us about patches we can pull. It's made in Ruby on Rails.