IT use in the health system

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Dear Ministry of Health,

I would like to ask for the following information under Law no 04/2013 of 08/02/2013 relating to access to information.

How is the Communal Based Health Insurance using IT in its operations? What are the different payment ways that exist for members to use?

Is there an overall operation system that monitors all transactions made by patients in hospitals, and pharmacies?

Yours faithfully,


nathan nathan.mugume,

Dear Diana,
E mail received, we will get back to you 

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nathan nathan.mugume,

Good morning Diana,
The information you are requesting can be best provided by RSSB, we have
forwarded your request to them, but you can also contact:
[1][email address], 

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Dear Nathan,

We want to extend our sincere gratitude for the great job you have done in promoting access to information.

We strongly appreciate your sense of responsibility.

Here is a product of your efforts in providing information.