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Ibisabwa kugirango umuntu akore dispensaire
Response by Ministry of Health to Uwimana Christine on .
Partially successful.
Muraho Christine, Ubutumwa bwanyu twabwakiriye. Twifuza kumenya aho mukorera na telephone yanyu kugira ngo tubashe gusobanukirwa neza ibyo mwifuza. Am...
Ikibazo cy'abana bapfa bavuka.
Request sent to Ministry of Health by RUKUNDO RAMADHAN Aimable on .
Long overdue.
Buyobozi bwa Minisiteri y'Ubuzima, Nabazaga impamvu zirigutuma hapfa abana benshi mu gihe cyo kubyara, ese n'uburangare cg n'ugukoresha abafite ubume...
Food service providers' sanitation database
Request sent to Ministry of Health by Eric K. on .
Long overdue.
I would like to ask for the following information under Law no 04/2013 of 08/02/2013 relating to access to information. Is there a public database...
Dear Josephine, Thanks for using Sobanukirwa to submit your access to information request. There is a page on the Ministry of Health's website wher...
Vitamin distribution to kids
Response by Ministry of Health to Patrick on .
Dear Patrick,  This was only done during the maternal & child health week,(MCH week)  at sites selected within the community and at health centers it...
IT use in the health system
Request to Ministry of Health by Diana. Annotated by ODESUDI on .
Information not held.
Dear Nathan, We want to extend our sincere gratitude for the great job you have done in promoting access to information. We strongly appreciate y...
Received Thanks Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.
Izamurwa Muntera ry'Abakozi b'Ibitaro
Request sent to Ministry of Health by salvator byukusenge on .
Long overdue.
Nyakubahwa Minisiteri y'Ubuzima, nifuza kumenya amakuru kubijyanye ni izamurwa muntera hashingiwe kuburambe kubakozi bo mubitaro nkuko abandi bakozi...
Dear Nathan, Would kindly provide us with the information on weight and age of children under the age of five like it was requested by Suzanne but s...
Health care location details for facilities in Rwanda
Response by Ministry of Health to Mark Herringer on .
Partially successful.
Dear Mark, Could you check on MOH website [1] the HMIS menu, we have documents that can help you. For minimum packages for facilities:...

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