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Request Acte de naissance for study
Response by Ministry of Justice to jerome usengimana on .
Dear Jerome The new law on persons and family (LAW Nº32/2016 OF 28/08/2016 GOVERNING PERSONS AND FAMILY) has simplified the process. First you have to...
Changing identity
Response by Ministry of Justice to Jean Claude Ganza on .
Dear Claude Iteka ariko nararikoherereje as an  attachment to my email. Any way you can find it on minijust website. Sent from my Samsung device
Mwiriwe, Ubu dufite itegeko rishya rigenga izungura ni ryo rikurikizwa. Ngiryo ndarikoherereje YANKULIJE Odette Head of Access to Justice Services D...
Response by Ministry of Justice to M.bugingo J.M.V on .
Dear BUGINGO Itegeko riteganya ko izungura ry’abashyingiranywe ritangira ari uko bombi bapfuye cyangwa umwe yongeye gushyingirwa. Byongeye kuzungura b...
Dear Gentille If the discrepancy that you are talking about will needs to change your names (from the names that you were given from your childhood to...
Gutanga umunani
Response by Ministry of Justice to Felicien on .
Dear Sir Ngiryo itegeko rigenga impano n'izungura mu Rwanda. Icyakora ririho riravugurwa mu gihe gito hazaba hasohotse irishyashya.Gutanga umunani nta...
Nyakubahwa Minisiteri y'Ubutabera, Nifuzaga gusaba amakuru nkuko byemewe tugendeye kw'itegeko numero 04/2013 ryatowe ku ya 8 Gashyantare 2013 rijyany...
Dear Patrick, Thanks to a tweet from Alain Murara, I can tell you that you can now complete the process to obtain a birth certificate in Rwanda via t...
This is a friendly reminder to please respond to my request, originally sent on 31 July 2015, for the following information under Law no. 04/2013 of...

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