Ministry of Education

A ministerial department, also called MINEDUC

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GUSABA CURRICULUM Y` amashuri abanza n ` ayisumbuye
Request to Ministry of Education by Elie Gatete M. Annotated by Angelo Igitego on .
Long overdue.
Reba kuri website ya, curriculum ziriho, uhereye ku mashuli y'inshuke.
Deus, Ikibazo cyawe wacohereze ku ministeri y'uburezi kandi kire ministeri y'ubutabera. Wa kongere aka cyohereza kuri ministeri y'ubutabera. Mura...
Dear Kibogora, Via Twitter, the Ministry of Education have replied to your request by suggesting that you look at their 2014 statistical yearbook....
Number of secondary schools in rural Rwanda
Follow up sent to Ministry of Education by Kibogora on .
Long overdue.
I writing to remind you about my request I sent you previously!! about number of secondary schools in rural Rwanda which can not access to science le...

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